At ACM Logistics and Consulting, we improve your business process for import and export, saving you time and money.

ContainerOur Industry-Leading Goals

  • To deliver your freight on time, every time.
  • To reduce your company costs for freight forwarding.
  • To reduce your transit time.
  • To respond to our customers quickly.

About John Heimsath, Principal

Mr. Heimsath has worked in the forwarding and logistics industry in Houston since 1988. He has participated in the logistics reviews of large companies, with complex requirements both geographically and with respect to products. He has held senior positions with large global logistics companies prior to founding ACM Logistics and Consulting in 2001. He is a licensed Customs House Broker located in the Houston area, and has excellent references.

Want more information? Email John directly at: john@acmlogistics.com

Import and Export Consulting

  • Business Consulting for Import or Export
  • Experienced in Import/Export since 1988.
  • U.S. Customs Broker Services for Import or Export.
  • Expedited service with U.S. Customs compatible software.
  • Freight Forwarding

U.S. Customs Broker Services

  • We can handle every facet of the U.S. Customs import process.
  • Any mode of transportation: air, sea, or land.
  • Logistics, U.S. Customs clearance, and post entry processing.
  • Customs compliance and supply chain optimization.
  • Drive down your freight costs and reduce your transit times!

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